Tour de Fleece 2013 – Wrap Up

I participated in this year’s Tour de Fleece but apparently completely forgot to post an update about it on my blog! I pretty consistently post daily photos on Flickr throughout the Tour so some of you may have watched my progress there.

TdF 2013 - Wrap Up image

Once again, I participated on the Hello Yarn, Spunky Eclectic, and Southern Cross Fiber team. All of my fibers are from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club.

1. Mochi – 297 yds; super bulky, n-ply; Superwash BFL; 8 oz; February 2013 club
2. Dark Waves – 385 yds; sport; 2-ply, Corriedale; 4 oz; February 2012 club
3. Overfond – 250 yds; Worsted; 2-ply; Merino; 4 oz; June 2011 club
4. Winter Storage – 385 yds; sport; n-ply; Finn; 4 oz; September 2009 club
5. Bristling – 175 yds; bulky; n-ply; Shetland; 4 oz; October 2011 club
6. Villain – 225 yds; worsted; 2-ply; 60% Merino / 30% Bamboo / 10% Nylon; 4 oz; March 2012 club
7. (center yarn) Heirloom – 225 yds; worsted; singles; Wensleydale; 4 oz; August 2010 club

I love the Tour de Fleece. It’s typically the most I spin every year, although I’d like to change that. I always set aside the whole tour to spin as much as possible. This year I had a bit of an interruption in the form of my sister’s wedding. But I still managed to do something related to spinning each day that I had wedding things to do. 🙂 Also, the wedding went well!

Can’t wait for next year’s Tour! I need to work out a bit of a spinning challenge for myself, once I get my wheel back from my friend’s home where it’s on loan.

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