Planning for a Knitting Challenge

Ever since we got back from Scotland (oh right, I should blog about that!) I’ve been planning all of the crafty projects – for the house, for Christmas, for myself, for loved ones, for fun… Who really needs a reason? Because of all the planning my office has turned into this:


This can’t go on forever. Click through for some notes. 🙂

That’s right, piles mounded up allowing only the space I need to type on my keyboard. Also, the office floor, well all of my yarn is still mostly on the floor. At least now it’s mostly wrangled into my Rubbermaid bins.

I said at the end of my Airing the Stash post that I wasn’t ready to publicly post a challenge because I was afraid of failing. Well, I may still fail but now I think I have a solid, achievable challenge – knit all the yarn in this basket by next spring. (I reserve the right to move spring all the way to the beginning of May.)

The challenge

The challenge basket of yarn! Dun dun duuuuuun!

It’s entirely likely this basket will end up as accessories and our home will be overflowing with winter accessories. Some of them may end up as gifts, we shall see. I’ve managed to knit one hat already this week so I feel good about that.

My very short term goal is to get another project on the needles, out of this basket, by the end of this weekend. I also have a few other projects to get on the needles. Hopefully I’ll have time for all this while also hosting a garage sale, visiting family and going to game night. 🙂 I might just be insane. (But it just might be a luuuuuunatic you’re looking for! – no? You don’t want to sing-a-long?)

Also, this is just my knitting challenge, I have babies (other people’s) to quilt for, a quilt for us, fabric to sew, Christmas gifts to knit out of yarn that is not in the basket, and sweaters, all of the sweaters to knit for myself. Full steam ahead!

On a side note – I’ve been using a voice over generator for the past two weeks at work and I now have a new found love for the oxford comma. When I use it, the voice over lady doesn’t run my lists together. Victory!

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