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We started hosting game nights at our home last summer and I’ve really grown to enjoy them. Along with the launch of the Geek and Sundry channel was a new show TableTop – they just got picked up for a second season! I quickly became enthralled with this series and really enjoyed watching the new games every two weeks. We’d been talking about having a game night off and on for too many years but had never really gotten around to doing it. Encouraged by the games I was watching on TableTop and their obvious playability we purchased several from one of our local gaming stores and game night was born. I also managed to get most of our friends hooked on Ticket to Ride.

This past Saturday (March 30) was the first annual International Tabletop Day and we hosted another game day. Kate brought over Pandemic and we played three riveting games. We actually managed to beat Pandemic – not easily accomplished – the third time we played. I think we’ll have to buy Pandemic for ourselves sometime soon, it’s that awesome.

In anticipation of our game day and since we haven’t been able to buy any new games recently we picked some up Friday evening. I am loving Gloom, it’s just the right amount of silly and the game design is just so very clever. Their packaging too was super easy to open. The last game we played was Last Night on Earth. It’s a silly zombie game and my brother totally cleaned up as the zombie.

Oh and for another fun game, my future brother in law got me The Red Dragon Inn 1-3 for Christmas. It’s basically a drinking game for your character as you try to be the most sober and keep the most gold. The first person to pass out or run out of their money is out. Last man standing wins. We played this game for my birthday game night and the grand champion was my friend’s 10 year old son. 😛

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