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Lately, I have been feeling like I am drowning in craft supplies. The boy and I have started having game nights (partly inspired by Tabletop) and in an effort to create more room in the basement for game nights I’ve moved my yarn stash into the craft room upstairs. Now I get to spend even more time looking at how much I have and vexing about how to reduce my craft footprint in the house. Weeeeee. 😉

To give myself a push I got out my trusty pen and paper and started making a list of all the things to be done by the end of the year. I am a fan of lists. Today’s list making also included a list of all my vacation time for next year, a list of purchases needed to upgrade the networking in our home and a list of household projects to be worked on. In fact, I even have a google document full of long term household goals along with approximate costs for better planning. Yes, I do like lists. 😀 Accomplishing any number of the items on my crafting list will assist in reducing my stash footprint and hopefully will get the ball rolling so that I can keep going on knocking out projects.

For some accountability I am posting it here. Although, chances are really good I won’t be able to knock all of these out, what with work travel on the horizon and you know, life in general. I am, however, feeling reasonably good since I was able to knock out one of the items on the list this evening and I cast on for another.

Knitting projects
Test Knit
Mitini Mitts (cast on)
Star Crossed Slouchy Beret
Rocky Coast Cardigan (part of a knit night knit-along)
Handspun Cria
Great American Aran Afghan (so really I just need to knit 3-4 blocks a month, not trying to finish this whole blanket by Dec 31, 2012 – that would be nuts)
Knit something adorable out of this yarn for my niece
Knit at least one more pair of Cable Twist Socks

And you know, finish up the other projects I have already started like my Tibetan Sun Spots and Mittens for Kittens.

If ALL of that is done I also have two other blankets to work on:
Plaid Baby Blanket
Serenity Blanket – need to re-chart the edging and finish knitting it

Sewing projects (some of these could probably all be finished in one weekend of focused sewing)
Finish Beer Boxers
Finish Purse
Finish Hot Pads
Sew Curtain for shed
Sew a lining into my dad’s Christmas stocking

Make a paw print template for hand quilting
Do hand quilting and binding on OU quilt
Make something with at least 3 of my Pink Chalk Fabrics “charming solids” club packages (one of these may be part of the knit night quilt-along and yes, that does make total sense)
Make up a baby quilt for the gift box

Spin up HelloYarn Seasick (16oz)
Spin up 3-4 bumps in spinning basket
Spin up 4-8 oz every month I get a club package

Soooo ya know, no big deal just a few small things to cross off by year’s end. 🙂 Maybe someone will take pity on me and start buying up the yarns in my destash. Heh and perhaps I should take a moment now to convince myself that this won’t be a handmade Christmas. With so much to do, I don’t know that I’ll have time! 😛

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