Making progress

One of my other goals coming into the new year was to finish up some of my languishing WIPs. I’ve actually made great progress on some, Serenity blanket and Potpourri Mittens, others I cleaned up so that I can knit on them as the mood strikes me, specifically the Plaid Baby Blanket.  For Serenity I am waiting for a friend to re-chart the cables so I can continue them into the edging instead of the eyelet lace used in the pattern. I think it’s a very real possibility that we will see this blanket finished this year! 🙂 The mittens I really need to power through, I’ve figured out my issues with the thumb and just need to keep knitting until I finish the first mitten and then immediately cast on for the second one. The only trouble with my current WIPs is that I am in desperate need of a mindless knit and everything is either slightly complicated, requires a decision to be made or I need to swatch to get to a mindless knit. 😛

I’ve also been bit really hard by the spinning bug this winter, mostly driven, I would imagine, by my desire for mindless knitting. I’m working myself up to doing my first sweater spin, out of BFL fiber and have been spinning all the other BFL I can find in my house.

Miss Babs - Acorn Mixed BFL

Miss Babs Mixed BFL – 25% dark BFL 75% white BFL colorway – Acorn
2-ply, 322 yds,  1288 ypp – DK weight

Miss Babs - Sprucey

Miss Babs Mixed BFL – 25% dark BFL 75% white BFL colorway – Sprucey
2-ply, 230 yds, 920 ypp – Worsted weight

I’ve also been spinning up some of my single bags from my HelloYarn fiber club membership so that I can finish sampling all of the fiber types. I recently spun up my May 2009 fiber club offering – Five Plum Pie.

HelloYarn - Five Plum Pie

Hand-Dyed Falklands Wool Top, 2-ply, 264 yds, 1056 ypp – worsted weight

And I am currently spinning up this treat: November 2011 fiber club offering – Pate de Fruit on Rambouillet Wool Top.

HelloYarn Fiber Club - Pate De Fruit

I am really enjoying spinning this and have managed to achieve an average singles WPI of 40. So I am eager to see how this’ll look and how much yardage I will have once I ply it. I am through the first 2oz and am working on the second 2oz.

I’ve also been working on processing the Rambouillet fleece I purchased at MDSW in 2009. I have the majority of it washed and need to start flick carding it so that I can spin it from the lock. I think for like the first time ever, I might try to have two projects on the wheel at the same time. Or maybe not. We’ll see how long it takes for the Pate de Fruit to spin up. 😀

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