Handmade Christmas 2011

For Christmas this year I decided to make gifts for many of my loved ones. I mapped out a plan around the beginning of November which if followed would have everything done in time for Christmas. Of course, I sat on it and didn’t spend my two weeks at home not traveling doing some of the prep work I assigned to myself because I was too busy just not doing anything. ūüėÄ

Over Thanksgiving I planned to cut out some rectangles for a throw for my in-laws but then managed to forget my rotary cutter back at the house. I did get a large chunk of knitting done for my niece’s Christmas sweater and finished a pair of socks for myself. The end of November was coming and while I was making headway on the knit gifts I had to keep myself in for a weekend doing nothing but cutting fabric so as to make some headway on the sewn gifts.

Christmas Gifts cut out

I replotted my timeline and moved two sets of gifts into the “if I have time category” and added a gift for the SO of a family member. The first Saturday in December was spent at a friend’s house in a sewing marathon. I had one gift to finish so it could be delivered the next week!

Tammy Christmas Bag

I am really¬†grateful¬†that my family is the kind of family that truly appreciates handmade gifts. There is always plenty of oohing & aahing and appreciation for the time spent on the item. I was even lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a lovely set of bags from the boy’s side of the family this year.

While I had to can three sets of gifts, so I mostly achieved my goal, I think for this year I may need to plan to start a little farther out from Christmas if I want to complete this volume of handmade gifts again.

Throw blanket for my in-laws

Carl & Marie's Throw

Socks for my MIL
Marie's Blue Socks

Socks for my sister’s boyfriend
Dave's Grey Socks

Sweater for my niece Fia
Fia's Miss Korrigan Sweater

Fia's Miss Korrigan Sweater

Not pictured – hot pad sets for the boy’s aunts and bags for some of my girlfriends.

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