Love Bird Bag

We recently went on vacation to celebrate our first anniversary. Two nights before we left on vacation I got the notion that I absolutely needed a new bag to transport my delicates in. I found some adorable bird fabric that I picked up at Quilt Trends and then was stuck trying to find a fabric to coordinate with it. Thankfully I signed up for the Pink Chalk Fabrics Monthly Solids Club. I grabbed all the greens, found one that matched the green in the birds fabric closely and then got the fabric washed up before going to bed. The next morning I was able to cut the fabric and sew most of the bag together before work.


After work I put the finishing touches on it and found a ribbon to use in place of the ones I’d made that morning. I couldn’t quite figure out how to turn them right side out and didn’t have time to have anyone show me how to do it before I left. I ended up using some leftover ribbon from my wedding dress which worked out really well!



I basically cobbled together these two patterns: Easy Drawstring Bag and Lined Drawstring Bag making them the size I wanted. Then I decided to add coordinating pockets on the insides. I really, really like how the seams look from the lined tutorial, it also made it a lot easier for me to add in the pockets.


Once I got home and went to knit night they showed me how to turn the ribbons right side out and I was able to take FO shots. 😀 I am still toying with whether or not I want to square off the bottom like she does in the Purl Bee tutorial. Maybe on the next one. 🙂

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