Tour de Fleece 2011

In July I participated in the Tour de Fleece that coincides with the Tour de France. The concept is that you spin every day that the cyclists are riding in the tour. I decided it would be a great time to dig into my Hello Yarn fiber club fibers that I have been hoarding stashing for the two years or so I have been in the club. I wanted to try as many of the fibers as I could and also try some different plying techniques.  I spun up some Romney, Shetland, Polwarth, Corriedale, Finn, Targhee, Superwash BFL and Merino/Bamboo/Nylon combo. I am really excited and pleased with some of the yarns I created. With so much dedicated time at the wheel I feel like my spinning skills have quadrupled over what I’ve accomplished by spinning in very very intermittent spurts over the past two years.

One of my more exciting accomplishments for the tour was my Buckland. I was able to spin up an entire 4 oz onto one bobbin. Normally I have extra that I have to put onto a second bobbin. I then managed to pull off a pretty successful n-ply that left the boy saying that it looked like yarn I could get in a shop. I’d say that’s a compliment on my more consistent spinning. 🙂 Hopefully I can use these skills to tackle my fiber stash closet.

Tour de Fleece 2011 total spinning

Tour de Fleece 2011 total spinning

  1. Mystery brown wool – 4 oz spun, 7.5 oz plied, 292 yds total, 623 ypp
  2. HY Minerals in Shetland – 4 oz spun as singles, 306 yds total, 1224 ypp
  3. HY Cauldron in Polwarth – 4 oz spun and 2 ply, 212 yds total, 848 ypp
  4. HY Grim in Superwash Merino 60%, Bamboo 30%, Nylon 10% – 4 oz spun, 2-ply, 178 yards total, 712 ypp
  5. HY Night Sky in Superwash BFL – 4 oz spun, n-ply, 228 yards, 912 ypp
  6. HY Timber in Romney – 4 oz spun, n-ply, 118 yards total, 472 ypp
  7. HY Buckland in Finn – 4 oz spun, n-ply, 308 yards total, 1232 ypp
  8. HY Prism (polwarth) and Hither (corriedale) – 8 oz spun, n-ply, 140 yards total, 280 ypp (3 skeins – blue/yellow, dark purple, and red purples)
  9. HY Garland in Targhee – 3 oz spun

The top row is made up of the baby skeins of the other skeins.

All in all I spun up 42.5 oz (or 2.65lbs) and plied up 1782 yds (or just over 1 mile). Pretty impressive considering I haven’t really touched my fiber and wheel much lately. Just goes to show how much you can get done if you do a little every day (or you know beg your husband to do the household chores so you can spin all evening every day).

I really like these group challenges, they allow me to just dive in and tackle something that’s been sitting around. Now I am trying to apply this concept to my sewing. Hopefully I will have some FOs to show soon!

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