Sticks N Stitches Reminder

Good morning everyone! Don’t forget that THIS Sunday is Sticks N Stitches with our Columbus Blue Jackets! Puck drops at 5pm (doors open at 4pm) and we’re playing the New Jersey Devils. It should be a great evening. We have lots of great door prizes lined up and the organizers from My Very Own Blanket will be in attendance!

Two weekends ago we put together all the goodie bags that have taken over my house. 🙂 You can see a sneak peek here:

Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags packed up and ready to go for Sticks N Stitches 2011

I am really looking forward to this year’s event. See you there!

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  1. LunaG says:

    Something to consider for future Sticks-N-Stitches (and I apologize for not thinking to mention it this year, since I went through it last year) to let folks know ahead of time that they need to find your tables at the stadium, early-on (either before the game starts, or sometime between the start & the end of the 1st period) to sign up for the door-prizes & to collect their goody bags. I realize you probably don’t know until the day, where your tables will be set up; but many knitters are not necessarily sports fans (familiar with how many periods, innings, quarters of play, or the venue itself) so they might not realize until too late, they need to report in at a certain location, by a certain time.
    I plead guilty, as I think this is probably the one aspect we failed to discuss at guild as well (and unfortunately, the attendees were newbies.)

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