Honeycomb Fingerless Mitts

Today on the day marking my 29th year of life I have decided to release my first pattern. 🙂

Honeycomb Fingerless Mitts

Last year during the Winter Olympics I worked on creating a pair of fingerless mitts out of some wonderful cashmere test yarn I had in my possession. It was my “Designer Dash” challenge and I medaled in the event. 🙂 I found the stitch pattern while thumbing through a pattern book at my mother-in-law’s house in the fall of ’09. I tried making a scarf with the stitch pattern but it just wasn’t working out well, so I saved the stitch pattern for a better project. When the test yarn arrived I knew it would make an awesome pair of mitts to keep my hands warm while running between the car and the house but most importantly while at work. I spend all day in front of the computer and the lack of activity causes my fingers to freeze!

I had two wonderful test knitters working on this pattern, RunsWithHonden and sparkli. They both helped highlight points where I could explain things better and helped me make the pattern the best it could be. My friend Martha and I went to a nearby town over the holidays to take some pattern photos. I think they turned out great and I am glad she was able to capture them! I was also fortunate enough to come across some very nice design & layout software during the holidays so I taught myself to use it and created what I think is a pretty nice pattern. bunnysquirrel provided me with great help with some technical editing, proofing the new section of the website and giving the pattern a thorough review. I hope you find the pattern to your liking. I wear my mitts non-stop around here, especially while typing at work!

Photo: Copyright Martha Tremblay-Cohen

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