Christmas crafts

Peanut the Elephant at my house.

For Christmas this year, I didn’t feel like I was making a whole lot of handmade gifts. Just a few small items for my nieces. My mother ended up asking for a blender cover to place over her tea mug rack to prevent the grease build up from the stove. I decided that could pretty easily be made so I decided to take it on as well. I finished everything with plenty of time. Well, ok so I was sewing the hem on my mother’s cover Christmas Eve that was purely due to procrastination on my part. 🙂

Mom's new Tea Mug cover, performing its duty.

For my niece S I made two hats, and a patchwork elephant. She wasn’t as keen on the hats when she opened them Christmas morning but she is wearing them so that works for me. 🙂

My niece S sporting her new snow pants from Uncle and the hat from me. 🙂

However, her response to the elephant was beyond cute. First she squealed with delight, then she threw herself with the elephant into her uncle’s lap, then rocked back and forth hugging the elephant. Finally, she declared “pillow!” Which isn’t entirely accurate but I’ll take it. If she continues that kind of response for the things I make her there’s a very good chance this auntie will have a lot of projects in her future!

My niece S clutching her new elephant! 🙂

For my other niece T, I made the Ishbel beret to wear over her darling little curls. I haven’t seen her yet but hope to deliver her gift this weekend and snag a picture of her wearing it.

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