Sticks N Stitches Update

We’re about a week and a half out from this year’s Sticks n Stitches with the Columbus Blue Jackets and we’ve already sold out our section in the upper bowl. Since the game is a very popular one for the Blue Jackets – great time of day and a worthy opponent – the upper bowl is now also sold out. The only tickets remaining for the game are in the lower bowl and come with a considerable price increase since our group discount isn’t valid in those sections. According to the gentleman with the Blue Jackets that I am working with, we’ve had inquiries so far for up to 136 tickets. I am starting to get a bit hopeful for next year’s game. If we can boost the number of attendees to 200 that should allow us to reserve the sky box and have more room.

If you’ve come over from Cast On or anywhere else please drop me a note in the comments to tell me how you heard about us. I am still in shock as our ticket sales went from 47 last weds to 126 tonight. That’s a huge boost! (and it wasn’t all my friends buying theirs at the last minute 😉 )

I can’t wait to see everyone next Saturday! Go Jackets!

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