Cozy evening in

Tonight the boy ran off to watch our Bobcats play for the MAC championship. Alas, we are not champions this year. I took the opportunity to spend the evening in with my lovely Bearfoot mittens. Of which, I am now around the point of dividing for the thumb and hand. How did I get so much knitting done you ask? I certainly wasn’t assisted by that whole bit where I didn’t read the pattern clearly and increased at double the rate from the thumb gusset causing me to have to rip out round about 8 rows. No, it was the wonder of Netflix and their Instant queue. I may have spent the evening with The Princess Diaries and Bridget Jones’ Diary. ~As an aside, did you know that Moaning Myrtle is one of Bridget’s single friends? I think I shall always recognize that voice instantly. Too ironic that she was crying in the ladies bathroom.~ There was a third movie that I had started to watch tonight but round about  1 min 30 sec into the movie I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to make it. Just wasn’t my style. Now I am off to split the thumb from the hand before I go to sleep. Finishing Party tom’w! 😀

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