Prepping for Christmas

Today we slept in to make up for all of the running around we’ve been doing this week. (And all of the eating!) Then we went and had lunch with a dear friend and got awesome news. 🙂 Let’s just say I have more fun knitting in store. When we got home we set to work putting Christmas decorations around the house. I got the fake tree done upstairs while the boy put the lights outside. We went to put all our candles in the window and then realized that all the bulbs we bought at the end of the season last year don’t fit. Woops! 😛 It was good to at least get a few of the decorations around. The boy said he won’t be turning on any of our outside lights until December, though. I guess I can wait the two days. We’ll get a live tree for downstairs in a couple weeks and finish getting the rest of decorations around then.

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