More organizing and housekeeping

Today wasn’t a very awesome bloggable day. I had a grumbly tummy most of the day which I decided to combat with an hour nap after work. The nap was good especially since I had a puppy to snuggle with. After the nap I got the boy’s birthday presents all wrapped up so he won’t accidentally find them in my cleaning frenzy. I also started to get things around for a finishing party we’re having in two weeks. I even grabbed my mending box out of the closet to see what all needed to be taken care of. It turns out I had a brown pantsuit, brown slacks, 2 black sweaters, a blue top and a red turtle neck that would all be very useful things to wear right now just hanging out in the mending box. I think I will go ahead and see if I can’t get on the ball and get those fixed up. Heck I can’t even locate the problem on one of the black sweaters.

After that discovery and my second or third (doh!) moment of the week I decided to focus on sending out requests for donations for Sticks N Stitches. Keep your fingers crossed that I am not the only one going into work tom’w! 😉 Hopefully we’ll hear back soon.

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