Stuffed Silly

Today the boy and I headed to his Grandparents G’s residence for their Thanksgiving meal. They live in an assisted living facility that is run by absolutely wonderful people. They served us a meal that consisted of your choice of a salad and then a plate full of ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole, green beans, mashed potatoes and a roll. Then assuming you had saved room it was your choice of dessert – pecan pie, pumpkin pie or iced sugar cookies. I opted for iced sugar cookies with ice cream on the side. Needless to say no one left hungry. The staff told us later that they had 120 guests come in for dinner in addition to the full house of residents they usually have. It was so seamlessly organized it didn’t feel like a large deluge of people coming to eat awesome food! 😀 After we gorged ourselves we hung around for a few hours chit chatting. Then the boy and I drove home by way of my parents’ house. You see we had to pick up a friend who is staying with us for the week. My parents’ dog.

I had debated going home and dog proofing the house first, since of course I didn’t think of doing this earlier in the week, but I decided against it. Of course as soon as we walked in the door with her I could see everything in our house that was in just the right spot for her to get into. So we set about putting things out of her reach and doing some general picking up. While picking up I made some great headway in adding more clothes to the pile to donate. My sister came over and relieved me of many of the camisoles that are too short for me anymore. 😀

Then I set about putting away a box of crafts that has been sitting around unpacked since our move. While going through the box I found something that I had been requesting as a Christmas gift – a walking foot for my sewing machine. Turns out I no longer need one because umm I’ve had one for 5 yrs. It seemed odd to me that that my “quilting sewing machine” didn’t come with one but came with all the other optional accessories. I attributed it to being a cheaper model or something. I’ve reached a point in my sewing where I thought it might be useful to have one so I located the part online and noted the location for the boy requesting it for Christmas.  It was in my room the whole time. Silly me. 😛

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