Sunday is for Greek

Today was a busy busy day. Firstly we went to church. Then we came home and the boy did some deep cleaning in the kitchen while I started to work on getting it organized. I was also planning on boxing up the china we received from my Grandmother C as a wedding gift but then I realized when I ordered the dishes to round out the set from that I hadn’t ordered enough salad bowls because apparently I can’t count to 12. 😛 The boy told me to take off my shoes next time so I don’t have as much trouble counting. 😉  So until I round up the other 3 bowls I won’t be boxing everything up. Hopefully my brother can swing by the shop and pick them up for me by Christmas.

The gentleman and his wife came back today with their horse trailer to pick up the bedroom suite. It took us about 15 min total to get them all loaded up. Then we headed to the boy’s parents’ house to load up the “new to us” bedroom suite and a few other decorative items. Then the four of us caravan-ed back here and got it all set up. It’s kind of nice having new furniture. We took the opportunity to rearrange the room. Thought it might be nice to see the room from a new angle. So far no complaints. 🙂 Pictures soon.  My next two big tasks are the office and the kitchen. I really need to get those two rooms tamed. Wish me luck 🙂

Oh ha and the point for the title was that we had yummy Greek food for dinner. Our favorite local Greek place is sadly closed on Sundays which of course always seems to be the day that I get a craving for it. So after we unloaded all the furniture we headed over to my parents’ side of town for some Greek food. Then we stopped by their house to drop off some papers and chat. All in all it was a good Sunday. Now I must get to bed so I can wake up early and get some more cleaning done!

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  1. mzundercover says:


    Just a quick note to say that I’m nearly finished making my stitch marker goodies for the Sticks N Stitches goody bags. Would you mind contacting me privately and tell me where to send them? With any luck they’ll be ready to send before Thanksgiving (or shortly after). Also, will you need just 100 or are you upping the number to 125 or 150 as you mentioned before? Let me know!

    One more thing … I LURVE the progress meters you have on your blog. Would you mind sharing the code? Purty please?

    Hope all is well

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