Knit night bust

Knit night was mostly a bust this week. The upside was that I got a bunch of thank you cards written before anyone showed up. Alas only one person showed and she was only able to stay for a short while. In the short while that she was there I was able to figure out where I was on my fancy scarf, knit a few rows, miss a decrease, rip/tink/ladder back and fix the decrease then something else got botched and I had to rip back the whole repeat. While trying to rip back the whole repeat the yarn snagged and broke. So I tossed the scarf back in my bag and left for the evening. I was pretty cranky when I got home but chatting with my good pal C led me to realize that the blanket I had wanted to start a little bit ago really wasn’t as complicated as I was pretending and so I cast on the blanket, made other plans for the yarn, ripped the scarf and made plans to use a different yarn when I knit the scarf with her in our mini super tiny two person KAL. 🙂 So for as much of a bust as knit night was and for as cranky as I was when I got home, I would say my day ended up really well! 🙂

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