So Monday evening I dropped off my ring back at the store to get it resized. Tonight was the night I got to pick it up. 🙂 Now it fits and doesn’t spin around my finger anymore. Super happy. 🙂 Oh and the ring was really only off by half a size to being with. While I was sleeping the boy took my other rings and measured them with a micrometer (yes he’s an engineer what makes you ask?) and then took those measurements in with him to the jeweler and that’s how they came up with my ring size. 🙂 I think that’s kind of awesome.

Of course after picking up my ring I scurried over to knit night. I took along my shawl and got a bit more done on it. It was also nice to just kind of hang with everyone. Katy showed up tonight and brought me the yummy roving I bought in her last update. 🙂 Actually quite a number of people were there. Ally even managed to sneak out and make it. 🙂 Oh and a couple of folks who haven’t been in several months stopped by too! I hope with summer coming more people will be able to come and hang out. Hmm actually we should get a knitting BBQ together. Now to put that together. Oh and of course I got to show off my newly resized ring to everyone who didn’t get to see it before I left town. 🙂

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