MDSW 09 round up

So I came home from Germany to find the last bit of my yarn from Maryland Sheep and Wool had arrived. 🙂 Perhaps y’all would like to see some pictures of what I managed to score?

I headed over to the Tilli Tomas booth to find yarn to make Sahara as well as the pattern. They didn’t have the worsted weight silk there but they did have the DK Plie. Unfortunately they were out of Atmosphere which is the colorway of the worsted sequined silk that I got last year. Fortunately Tracy is awesome and shipped some to my house. That would be the yarn that showed up while I was in Germany. 🙂 Now that I have all the pieces I s’pose I should get around to knitting it eh? Oh and I also bought some Beaded Plie because I felt like it and it was pretty. Any ideas what to make with 120 yds of DK beaded silk?

Beaded Plie by Tilli Tomas

Plie by Tilli Tomas

At the Autumn House Farm booth I found some lovely deep plum Highland Heathers yarn. I snagged enough to make a sweater for myself. 🙂

Highland Heathers

At The Fold’s booth I snagged some mill ends in enough yarn to make either Featherweight or Whisper Cardigan.

STR Lightweight Mill Ends

On Sunday as we were preparing to leave I found this fabulous light brown alpaca roving at the Zeilinger Wool Co booth. Considering how much the boy loves him some alpaca I decided to buy a pound of it. 😛 We shall see how long it takes me to actually get around to spinning it. 😉

one pound of Alpaca roving

Oh one other cool thing I got at MDSW was this gift of Wollmeise yarn from Kim. 🙂

Wollmeise in Fratello

The final thing, or rather the first thing I bought but don’t have pictures of still is a 4.75 lb Rambouillet fleece in jet black. 😉 Lord only knows how long that will keep me entertained 😀

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