I managed to drag my dupa out of bed this morning and sew the bindings onto two blankets before the power went out. The power conveniently came back on just in time for me to go to work. After work I headed to the monthly knit night at The Merc where I finished the repeat on the wrap that no longer exists. It was pretty unanimous that the wrap and the yarn did not like one another. So I ripped it out. I then took advantage of the giant ball winder the shop has and re wound my 440 yd skein of yarn. 🙂 I will find a suitable project for this yarn some day.

Once back home the boy and I decided to go for a walk. We walked to the park but alas there were children on the swings so no swinging for us. As we were walking I suddenly realized a ton of our neighbors own Hondas. I counted 20 Hondas during our walk. Also many of the homes with Hondas had two, go figure. 🙂 The walk was nice and I would really like for us to try and do that more often.

Upon returning home it was definitely time for ice cream. I took my ice cream upstairs to finish the sewing and the boy headed to the basement. I am pleased to say that about 22:30 I had completed all three blankets that I wanted to get done for this weekend. Now the question is, is it odd to give someone three identical baby blankets? Hmm. I shall ponder this as I drift off to slumber land.

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