Sewing, sewing, sewing

The boy was out of town this weekend visiting his grandmother A. Knowing that I would have the weekend to myself I set aside today to get some much needed sewing completed. Up first was finally finishing the mending on his jeans that he asked me to repair last spring. 😉 Guess I am not so timely, eh? After that I worked on finishing up a Christmas gift for a dear chum. Yes, normally I am not so far behind on things, I really don’t know what caused all this stuff to be put off so long. I struggled a bit with the tension while sewing the gift but I kind of gave up and went with it for the interior seams. Once I got to the top stitching I called a chum and begged her to come over and tell me what was wrong. Turns out my sewing machine has a preference on thread and the thread I was using for the bag was not to its liking. I will be sure to consult with my machine from here on out as to which thread to use! Once she got me switched over to a different thread the tension was much better and the top stitching turned out wonderfully.

Simple Bag

There may currently be a minor baby boom happening in my life. Somewhere around 8 babies will be born to my friends, colleagues and cousins in the next five months. (They gave me June off.) The second half of today I worked on getting the baby gifts started. My goal was to make 3 blankets today. I didn’t quite meet that goal but I came close. I have one blanket completed up to the finishing stitching and four more are completely cut out and ready to be sewn together. I bet once I figure out what I am doing for the finishing stitching I can knock those other four out in an evening. Which is good, because I need to take 3 of them with me this weekend! 😀

Baby Blanket

Other fun things I managed to accomplish today, some laundry, putting weather appropriate linens on our beds (it’s too hot for flannel!) and I managed to get the cover off the whole house fan. Funny how the whole house fan doesn’t really work when the cover is on it! I am bit wooped and will be headed to bed soon.

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