It’s coming…

I had a lot of time in the car today. My chum Orchid and I headed over yonder about an hour or so test drive spinning wheels. My heart about stopped because a wheel that on one previous occasion I had fought for awhile with to get to heed my direction, worked the second I put my foot to the treadle. Amazing eh? I attempted a few single treadles and was met with the same issues I had the very first time I tried to spin. The wheel refused to go clockwise for me. It’s ok though, I pretty much figured I was headed toward double treadle anyhow. 😉 After trying 4 different wheels (plus the one I spun on 2 weeks ago) I was down to 2. I then set them side by side and treadled on one and then the other and then back on the first one trying to ascertain what precisely it was that I liked about each. I hadn’t planned to buy a wheel today as I wasn’t expecting the shop owner to have them all in stock. I actually grew incredibly overwhelmed and so I bought the new Cookie A book and some roving and left the shop about 10 minutes before closing. The entire ride to dinner and then a good chunk of the ride home was spent discussing the pros and cons. After I got home I discussed it with the boy and a friend who owns the wheel that surprised me. I think I have made my decision but now I must sleep on it. (cue “Let me sleep on it” audio here).

Oh back to my point about being in the car. I started one of the Vivian sleeves last night and am now on row 72 of 147. Almost halfway there! Hooray! 😀

What’s that? You didn’t know I was shopping for a spinning wheel? Well now ya do. 😉

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