There used to be a bar in Germany called Shenanigans. When I was in Germany the last time I finally remembered to bring my camera along when I went near the bar. Wouldn’t you know it the bar’s name had changed. Sigh. Tune in next week for more completely random stories with LittleWit.

In knitting news, I worked on Vivian tonight while the boy and I entertained ourselves with movie night, the first. There will be a movie night, the second on Friday. Then we will be caught up with all our movies and be able to cancel our Blockbuster account while beginning our Netflix foray. On tonight’s menu was Itty Bitty Titty Committee and Gigi. I think watching them in that order definitely made for a more relaxing evening. Although the boy booked it off to bed almost an hour ago. At any rate I enjoyed both movies. 🙂

Oh and Vivian, I am on row 96. 21 more rows until I start the sleeves. Hopefully I can knit those 21 rows tom’w at knit night. If not, then definitely by the end of Friday’s movie night. It sure was a little tricky picking up a sweater pattern that I hadn’t worked on in over a month. I stared at it blankly for a little bit until I finally figured out where I was and got to the knitting. 🙂

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