To do April

Since my last to do list was actually rather helpful, even if it didn’t appear so on the surface, I think I shall start another one. 🙂 These tasks are to be done before I head to Maryland Sheep and Wool Friday May 1st.

  1. Finish Vivian.
  2. Cast on one of the tops with the Shelridge W4. It looks like the Fern Fitted Shell may pull out as the winner there. Unless Green Gable makes a last minute effort to come through.
  3. Knit at least 2 more inches on that lace scarf that’s been dawdling.
  4. Make a decision about the Belgian socks, to rip or not to rip? Will they fit a normal man’s foot? Are they really that big? Who knows? 😛
  5. Pick out the next pair of socks to be knit and cast them on if everything else is progressing alright.
  6. Spend at least half a Saturday in the sewing room – clean up and oil the machines and pick out projects for the fabric laying around.
  7. Get the indoor vegetables planted.
  8. Spend at least 2 hours on the drop spindle to see if I can reclaim that spark.
  9. Begin the clean out of the backroom for our guests that are coming this summer. 🙂
  10. If there’s another free Saturday start piecing together my t-shirt quilt.

Oh and just for something pretty to break up the monotony of the text – one of my recent yarn purchases:


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