I went to knit night tonight finally after missing the last 3 or 4 weeks. Since the yarn I planned to knit with had been around mothballs I decided to take some darning to finish up until most people had finished eating. When I got all that done I swatched the worsted weight yarn for the top of Forest Vixen and got ready to knit the 3″ of ribbing that stand between me and final product! Alas, the project still smelled way too much of moth balls and the uh Herbal Cucumber fragrance spray that I had sprayed into my knitting bag in the hopes of concealing the mothball smell. 😀 woops! Turns out those two smells meld together into one fairly gross smell. I was begged to put my knitting away by my fellow knitters in order to save the innocent patrons at the restaurant who simply wanted to enjoy a good meal. 😉 So because of my smelliness knit night let out a little early because I didn’t have anything else to knit. Once I got home I sat down in my decently ventilated basement and began the ribbing. I have 2″ done and am working on dropping a few of the columns of stitches. If all goes well this should be done tom’w!!! At long last. I am so excited. Next up tackling the rest of Vivian!

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