1 year

A year ago today I drove into town so that we could close on our house. The process went smoothly and didn’t take very long. Heck the sellers weren’t even present. After the closing we went out to eat at a place nearby that has since turned into one of our local spots. [Three cheers for local spots!] Then the boy headed up to work and I drove back to our apartment. It was marginally anti-climatic but who really wants to move in the middle of the week? 😉 Plus, now we have two anniversaries, closing date and taking possession date.

As you can see the blog is mostly fixed. I was just clicking around and noticed that the photos tab is askew. I will work on that one when I get a chance. 🙂 The fact that my server does a back up of my entire home directory every seven days or so is fantastic. All the items I wasn’t able to recover with my weekly wordpress backup were available to me from my server’s backup. Things like all the pretty pictures on the blog and the various icons. 🙂

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