Sticks N Stitches 2008-09 Wrap Up

Saturday February 21 was the Columbus Sticks N Stitches with the Blue Jackets. As you can see I am a bit tardy getting the final blog post up about this year’s event. 🙂 Let’s just say life got insane and I wanted to do this post right. Of course now I am sitting myself down to finish my assignment (or young lady you get no dessert!) 🙂

This year’s event was a lot of fun! We sold 92 tickets. Not bad considering the economy in the region is umm not awesome. We gave out 86 raffle tickets at the game and were able to distribute all the fabulous prizes. You may have seen some of the prizes over on the Prizes page the day of the game. 🙂 I didn’t win the autographed Custom Knits book as I was really hoping to but that’s alright. I bought it over the weekend. 🙂 Oh and Kim Werker’s autographed copy of Get Hooked Again had an awesome hockey reference in it so I was really pleased to see it went to a hockey fan. 🙂 I think one of the neatest things about the prizes was that the organizer for the Saint Louis Sticks N Stitches won the $100 Gift card to YarnMarket! The rose colored messenger bags from Namaste were a huge hit! The Blue Jackets were in a race for the playoffs so the game was sold out and they were selling standing room only tickets. There were many inquiries from non-knitters and crocheters as to how they could procure a bag. Maybe next year’s game will have higher turn out. One of the fun parts of the game for me was that I got to go on a Zamboni ride! It was really a lot of fun although I paled in comparison to the little boy on the other Zamboni. He had the grin and wave down pat. 🙂

We collected a number of hats and booties for Touching Little Lives. One kind gentleman asked what we were collecting for and then gave us a cash donation. [Hi Touching Little Lives if you are reading this, I will be contacting you this week to schedule a drop off.] I was truly surprised but ever so pleased to see people not even related to our event donating to the charity. It also feels really good to know we are helping out a local charity, considering the hardships many in central Ohio are facing right now. I also need to thank the lovely ladies who helped me put together the goodie bags and Stanzi and Servilia for helping man the booths during the game so I could go play on the Zamboni! It was much less stressful this year knowing I had so many hands to help. 🙂 Lastly a big thank you to all the shops who donated door prizes and items to the goody bags! We can’t do this event without you all! I am looking forward to doing this again next year!

A sample of items found in the goodie bags for Sticks N Stitches this year. 🙂

I have attached a slide show below of images the boy took. It appears he was more interested in photographing the fights so there weren’t a whole ton of pictures left to show y’all. 😉 If anyone has pictures they would like to share let me know!

Oh you wanted to know about the hoceky game? Yeah the Jackets lost 5-2. Unfortunately the Columbus area crafters don’t have the same affect on our team as the St Louis crafters do. They seem to win every time they hold an event!  🙂 Next year!

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