I went to see the local screening for a great movie Saturday with one of my knit night chums. It was playing at Studio 35 which is now on my shortlist of movie theatres I must frequent. The list is so short that it’s the only one on there. πŸ˜‰ Not only was the ticket price reasonable, they serve beer, pizza, popcorn and other movie going fare AND they carried my lambic beer. Yum!

Anywho the movie is called Misdirection. The movie was written by a gentleman from the Clintonville area. He shot the movie entirely in Ohio and using all Ohio actors. Knowing this going into the film it was kind of fun watching it to see if I could pick out where they were in Ohio. He did an excellent job of disguising the whereabouts. I mean quite literally those bars, trucks, gas stations and police stations could have been ANYWHERE in Ohio. Which to me is a win. πŸ™‚ I also very much enjoyed the storyline. There are only two main chracters and then a lot of law enforcement. πŸ˜‰ The film is shot in black and white and is an independent film. I love that the way it is shot, makes me feel like the people in the fim could be anyone I know from back home. The actors all look and sound like the people I grew up with. It’s one of those films that I find myself just idly thinking about throughout the day. I don’t know if they will be showing it again anytime soon but if they are I would recommend going to see it.

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