Mothballs, counter-offensive

Petunia and I went to shopping today in between my work tasks. We wandered over to Lowes where I was able to pick up some bona fide old fashioned mothballs. Holy cow, do these things reek. It’s ok if they stink as long as they completely rid any chance of moths in the skeins of yarn in question. When I got home I put one ball in each Ziploc bag that had yarn in it and one in my knitting bag. Then I put all those items into a chest that I have and shut the door on that room. I will check in on the projects next week and air them out so hopefully I can spend the last three hours I need to finish that camisole! 🙂

Oh and we also went to my favorite bookstore ever (for current releases) Book Loft. And yeah, my accursed bookstore spending habits struck again but I was finally able to get my hands on Custom Knits, the never not knitting calendar and a book my supervisor recommended reading. 🙂 Alas, the book we went there to get was on order (since it is a very popular book that sells out quickly) so we will have to wander back down there again to get it. For shame! 😉

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  1. Sarah says:

    I know this is a way too late but last year I did a little project about moth balls for an artifact conservation class and found out about a lot of the horrible things about moth balls. The smell is really difficult/almost impossible to get rid of and the chemicals they use in moth balls are really bad – naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene. I found articles about people using moth balls to get high off the fumes and the negative effects of that. The best thing to do if you suspect bugs is to freeze the yarn in the ziploc bags. Keep them in the freezer for a few days, then take them out, thaw and check to see if that has killed the bugs. If not, repeat. You can vacuum the yarn afterwards with some kind of vent over the nozzle (gets the eggs and all the unwanted stuff if there are any) There are also different types of moth balls that are ok to use such as all-natural cedar ones.

    p.s. where do i get the on the needles app? I’ve seen it on two blogs now and I love it!

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