I got back into town last night. The boy’s aunt graciously drove up and picked me up at the airport then took me back to her home to feed me and let me crash for the night. It was wondermous. Wonderful home cookin, a familiar bed and shower AND I got to run a load of wash. She dropped me off at my hotel where I rested for about an hour before hitting the metro to head to Georgetown. I was meeting up with bunnysquirrel at Stitch DC and wanted to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! Once I got to Foggy Bottom I decided to be lazy and hop on the Circulator because I couldn’t remember how long a walk it was into Georgetown from the metro. Turns out it was only a couple bus stops but I thoroughly enjoy riding the Circulator and it only cost me about $.35 so it was worth it. 😀 I hopped over to Stitch DC and went to Chopsticks next door to get some yummy sushi. I love that sushi is a much better tasting fast food. I can usually be in and out of a sushi joint in 30 minutes if I so choose. 🙂 Bunnysquirrel was still on her way when I finished chowing down so I decided to bide my time in the bookstore. Which is a silly thing for me to do since I know I can rarely walk in and out of a bookstore without spending a good $50. But I was on per diem. 😉 So why not? I had a grand time wandering around the bookstore. I found some cute journals, a yarn harlot book (I may have re-shelved all the Stephanie Pearl McPhee books so they were next to one another instead of scattered) and a best seller that my cousin had read and liked. I then wandered off to a paper store to look at some thank you cards as I am a bit behind on getting some of those out. I grabbed some nice ones off their 50% off shelf but they ended up not being on sale so I didn’t buy anything. 🙁

At that point bunnysquirrel was nearing the city so I hopped back over to Stitch DC and started wandering around. They had rearranged since I had last been there and seemed to have shifted their stock as well. I did find some lovely purple cashmere silk yarn that may have come home with me. Of course there was an obligatory Ravelry search to see if it fit the specs for any of the items in my queue. 😉 Fortunately it did.  I also snagged the IK Spring magazine as there is something in there I would like to make some day. We chatted and hung around the shop for a bit with the employee and then scooted out at closing. Being such a gorgeous day, I insisted we get ice cream. So we went off to get ice cream and then parked in front of a church to eat it and knit. Although I didn’t knit at all because silly me I forgot to bring the pattern with me. 🙂 We rounded out the evening at TGI Fridays with another chum of mine and then a trip back to my hotel room. I am not sure I was great company toward the end as I couldn’t seem to keep my eyes open. Jet lag and the time change are taking a toll on me! 🙂

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