Busy Busy Busy

International travel is fun but international work travel is busy busy busy. 🙂 Yesterday was the first day all year that I did not update my blog. So perhaps that will show how busy I was. 😉 We’ve been super busy during the day working on our project. Putting together the majority of 25 lessons in 7 days is quite tricksy. As long as tomorrow is a very productive day with few hitches we should be sitting pretty comfortably. Last night my supervisor and the head of the company took us out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant. The food was MARVELOUS. I even ate the mushrooms that I didn’t think I wanted on my pasta. They were actually pretty good but don’t tell anyone! 😉 Today for lunch at the cafeteria they had some lamb dish over rice. It was excellent and for 3.85 euro was quite reasonably priced. I am kind of in love with the food over here. Especially since I have learned to read the menus better and can find things that I like that aren’t overly heavy.

Not much going on, on the knitting front as I have been spending the after hours doing more work. Did I mention we were busy? I am really hoping that I find time to get to the wool shop before I leave but it’s looking more and more like that won’t happen. Ahh well. There’s always next time. (Hopefully there is a next time!)

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