Busy, busy, busy

Today was a busy busy busy day in our household. It started off with a heart shaped omelet for the boy because it just sounded like a good idea. Then we headed off to YarnMarket to pick up their donations for Sticks N Stitches. I also putzed around there for awhile to try and find another yarn to match the Forest Vixen. I thought I had found two that were close until I got out in the sunlight. Then the pink one had to go back. The brownish one is hanging around to be evaluated by many eyes tomorrow. Then we popped over to Wonder Knit to pick up their donation for Sticks N Stitches.

For lunch we popped into North Market. I have heard so much about it and we finally were able to check it out today. There are soooooooo many food options there! The boy was quickly seduced by the bbq joint and ordered a brisket for lunch while I got some Texas chili. Then I found a wine market store place that had about 6 or 7 varieties of Lambic beers. Be still my heart. After eating lunch we got ice cream at Jeni’s. Yes, the Jeni’s that you can read about all over knitting blogs from folks who come to Columbus for TNNA. I had a very very yummy pear riesling sorbet. The boy had a smoked dark chocolate with marshmallow ice cream. We will definitely be heading back to the North Market at some point when we have more time to mosy around.

We had to rush out of North Market to go to the boy’s parents’ house to pick up his dad for a quick jaunt into Amish (ish) country. We were looking at storage sheds and then we headed over to Der Dutchman to get some pie. Because really if you’re that close to Der Dutchman you have to stop. We also popped into a local grocer to get some lunch meat for this week. Lastly, we heeded the siren call of Amish furniture and drooled for a bit. It was a nice little trip with his dad. We’re going to have to see if there is any Amish country closer to our side of town. 😉

Our last stop for the day was at Knitter’s Mercantile to pick up their donation for Sticks N Stitches. Then we came home ate dinner and immersed ourselves in designing the “assembly line” for the stuffing of the goody bags tomorrow. I am getting rather excited for the event. 🙂 Tomorrow some of the ladies will come over to help stuff the goody bags. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet you should call the Blue Jackets ASAP! 😀

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