January To Do

You wouldn’t think that it being January 9th my to do list would be very long for this month. Alas, it most certainly is. So for my edification and for you to mock me publicly for not accomplishing, I give you a 10 item to do list. These tasks should be done before the end of January and definitely by mid February.

  1. Knit half of Vivian
  2. Knit all of Forest Vixen
  3. Knit a minimum of 2 burial buntings and 2 preemie hats by the end of January, no later than Feb 15th.
  4. Learn to crochet well enough to make a Ninja. Should be completed by Feb 14. If not then by Sept 5th.
  5. Finish sewing bags
  6. Sew Andy’s table runners – this one gets to go into February
  7. Locate that friend of mine that moved to another country and disappeared. Mass e-mailing is in order.
  8. If I can get everything in 1-7 (except maybe #6) done then I s’pose I should finish off my quilt. 🙂
  9. Cast on a pair of socks for me.
  10. Knit up that pair of socks that’s been on the needles too long. Hmm this one can have until March.

Ok my exercise in list making may not be all that interesting for y’all. Sorry about that. I just need to get back into the habit. I may find myself to be way more productive this year.

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