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Back in October a few of the local KnitGang ™ moseyed over to YarnMarket for some Saturday afternoon yarn shopping. Petunia introduced me to the Crystal Palace Merino 5 yarns and informed me that they make ever so wonderful socks. Having recently completed a pair of Cable Twist Socks I was struck with the sudden urge to make all of my Grandmas socks for Christmas. 🙂 I called the boy to get color selections for his Grandmas and yoinked two skeins of creamy yellow for my Grandma Gert. The socks knit up quickly and fortunately they have lots of ease. Grandma Gert’s foot isn’t much larger than mine so I made them a smidgen larger than I would want for my foot. Sunday, when she was at our house with most of the rest of that side of our fam damily, she received her socks. She was very pleased with them and that I took the time to make them for her. My great Grandma used to knit so Grandma Gert is quite familiar with having wonderful hand knit socks. 🙂

Grandma Gert's socks

Description: Grandma Gert’s socks
Pattern: Cable Twist socks by Adrian Bizilia of HelloYarn
Yarn used: 1.92 skeins of  Crystal Palace Merino 5 Colorway 2303 (100% superwash merino ) 50 g / 110 yds
Care Instructions: Machine wash or hand wash in cold, dry flat.
Needle Size: US 3 (3.25mm)
Modifications: I only knit 5 repeats on the cuff.
Finished Size: US Women’s 8
Date Started: 11/22/2008
Date Completed: 11/26/2008
Notes: I love making these socks and they go so quickly!

One sock - Cable Twist socks

Grandma Gert's socks

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