Sleigh bells ring-a-ling

Christmas is coming closer. I am going to be a little brash and declare my Christmas knitting complete. I do however have a wrap for myself to finish knitting for a Christmas party on Saturday. I will be knitting away on that in the beginning of this week. Hopefully I will be able to get it seamed up no later than Thursday so I can wash and block it on Friday. As for my Christmas shopping, I have 3 people left. One person may be all set just waiting for the word on that one. 😉 So Christmas tasks left to do:

  • buy the last 2 purchased gifts – once I become inspired. Inspiration strike me now! 🙂
  • sew 2 quick projects – really all I have to do is sit down and do them.
  • clean the house for the deluge of extended family – the boy is being awesome at working on this a little bit each day
  • hunt down the precise location of the boy’s present – it’s being shipped to me from somewhere.
  • make candies – just for funsies for the boy and I to do.
  • embroider 2 faces – I need to not forget to do this!

So if the knitting goes well by the end of the week there should be some FO posts. How are your holidays shaping up?

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