The arrival of the bookcase

Monday night I got a phone call during a conference call. I quickly silenced it so as not to interrupt my other call. Upon listening to the resulting voicemail I received very fantastic news. My bookcase had arrived and was ready for pick up! After a flurry of phone calls and emails to the boy he agreed we could go pick it up that night. My friend serendipitously canceled our dinner plans so I was free to go right after work. The boy got home, changed out of his uniform and grabbed a few blankets as we headed out the door. We picked up the bookcase and saw a number of other pieces we wanted to purchase at some point in the future when we hit the lottery or something of that nature. 😉

Once we got home, we got it upstairs and in the hallway. I disassembled the old plastic shelf set while he put the truck away. Then we moved my new bookcase into the office and I loaded it up. It looks marvelous. It holds everything with room for more. It fills up just the right amount of that wall space and it has already made this office look ten times cleaner. (I am sure my cleaning up of the office has nothing to do with that. 😉 )

Here it is:

Full shot of the bookcase. Look at all the empty space. 🙂

Detail shot of the molding at the top.

Can you tell why I am so pleased with it? Maybe my window seat will be built soon to finish the room? One can always dream. 😉

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