Eye Candy Friday – Fall Colors

I took these pictures at the end of October and finally managed to wrest them free of my mother’s memory card this week. They are of a tree in our front yard at just past the peak of it’s fall glory. 🙂 The best part is, this was a relatively dry summer. As we get more rain, the colors will only grow with intensity.

Front tree with Fall colors

Front tree with Fall colors

fallen leaves from the front tree

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2 Responses to Eye Candy Friday – Fall Colors

  1. KathyInGeorgia says:

    Actually, I think the color thing works the other way around. A wet summer produces a dull fall. Dry summers produce gorgeous fall colors (something to do with the tree’s sugar production being higher in dry weather). We’ve just had our second truly gorgeous fall–on the heels of our second nasty summer drought.

  2. dharma says:

    I love the deep rich colors of fall. I have two leaves stuck in a books I’m reading because I adore the dark red to brown in them.

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