I may have mentioned at some point last week that we had some fresh lobster that needed to be consumed. Friday night was the night. The boy and I made a Lobster and corn chowder, biscuits (Grands) and cooked up some lobster meat plain. We also cracked open a bottle of Port that we bought during our tour of the Finger Lakes. We opened the port primarily because we needed brandy for the chowder and we didn’t have any. 🙂 The port worked just as well. It was a very yummy and lovely dinner. Even if it indicates that we are now getting old. Drinking a glass of wine while cooking dinner…sigh, what have we come to? 😀

Wanna see our yummy dinner?

Chowder cooking, lobster meat steaming

Lobstah meat for the chowdah.

Lobstah meat plain

The boy rescuing the meat from the shell

Fox Run Port purchased during our trip through the Finger Lakes

A complete meal, bowl of chowdah, fresh lobstah, a biscuit and a glass of port.

I surprised myself with how much I really enjoyed the port. It also gave me a bit of a kick. 🙂 I wasn’t expecting that. The bottle had enough for a glass for each of us and the 2 tbsp we needed for the chowder. Perfect portion.

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