Birthday Swap Survey

This survey is being done for a Birthday Swap that I am a member of. If you would like to learn little tid bits about me feel free to read on. If not then carry on to the next post. 🙂 Also, dear swap pal, I reserve the right to update this at will or rather as my memory forces me too.

1. a. What is your name?

LittleWit but my friends call me Jocelyn

b. What is your quest?

To find a galaxy far far away.

c. What is your favorite color?

Probably go bobcat green. However I am a huge sucker for jewel and earth tones.

2. When is your birthdate (year optional)?

Feburary 09, 1982 – the year MTV was born.

3. Do you have any special birthday traditions?

The only tradition I have is one that I want to stop. I would like to have people actually show up to celebrate my birthday. Oh and my mom always made us fun birthday cakes in whatever shape we wanted and we got to pick from her cake decorating books.

4. What is your favorite birthday memory?

Hmm. All time favorite? I don’t think I have one. However I did love the birthday where my friends in Baltimore took me out to dinner and we got the waitress to sell us a slice of her homemade peppermint cheesecake. It was de-lic-ious.

5. Any allergies we should know about?

As long as you aren’t sending me amoxicillin I should be ok.

6. What crafts do you do – knit, crochet, spin, dye, bead, quilt, etc. etc. ?

Knit, spin, want to dye, will start crocheting eventually, have some quilts planned, I sew and I like to do woodworking and may start again now that I have a garage to work in.

7. Any sorts of fibers you particularly love or hate or are dying to work with?

I love some Rio De La Plata – Santa Maria however it’s discontinued and I have 2 or 3 skeins of it stashed away.

I don’t so much hate anything or maybe I do but I don’t remember what it is. I have some distant memory of an ew I won’t work with that again…oh that’s right, it was STR medium weight but it’s because I was feeling someone else’s knit up sock and I didn’t like the fabric. I think someone else showed me a not as blah feeling one. Ok I was reminded me that I am not a huge fan of lots of mohair content cause if it is a pain to frog or tink I will whine and inevitably run out of yarn.

As far as dying to work with – I sometimes have a desire to work with all the “trendy” yarns that people always rave about but then I never have the desire to spend money to buy them. 🙂 I am for real dying to work with some true gossamer weight yarns a la Gossamer Webs.

8. What weight of yarn do you prefer?

I am drawn to fingering weights but I am trying to focus on making things in larger weights because yeah they aren’t really that much larger and they knit up faster!

9. What are your favorite knitting accessories? (i.e.: stitch markers, row counters…)

I don’t have one? Make a believer out of me?

10. Do you subscribe to any crafty magazines?

Nope. But I really should.

11. What do collect aside from fiber-related things?

Dust, shot glasses, t-shirts and fabric that I never sew with 🙂

12. Favorite candy, chocolate (dark, white, or milk), tea, coffee, other treats?

Hmm…swedish fish, white chocolate and kernel popcorn.

13. Do you enjoy handmade soap and body products?

I do enjoy but please no scents.

14. Are there any scents you love or hate?

Scents must be very subtle because I have a super sensitive nose.

15. What is your favorite: flavor, flower, letter, number, film, artist?

Flower – Orchids and Lilies (Bleeding hearts are growing on me and lily of the valleys – oh wait that’s a lily).

Flavor – Margarita, Jimmy John’s Vito, Mango, Raspberry, Peppers oh I dunno I like to eat, I have lots of favorite flavors.

Letter – E (Exercise E! – this separates the weak from the strong AND you know it’s a pop culture reference from my childhood!)

Number – 13

Film – Boondock Saints.

Artist – I don’t know that I have one.

16. Anything we should *not* get for you?

Snake bite kit, I already have one.

17. Do you have a blog and or wishlist that are not linked on Ravelry or listed in the GoogleDoc?

I have a Loopy Ewe wish list linked in my side bar and an Amazon wish list linked in my side bar.

18. Anything special you would like your partner to know?

You are all special people in my heart. 🙂 Anything I get will be fun and I am totally looking forward to this.

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