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Yesterday on the plane I cast on for a pair of socks and got the toes all knit up. 🙂 Tomorrow I may begin the pattern on the foot. I also worked on the fronts of my sweater. Much knitting was accomplished. I had every intention of going to some of the local yarn shops however my flight was delayed in Dallas so even though there are at least TWO shops in Denver open on Sundays I didn’t make it in time. Last night I was forcing myself to stay awake so my body would adjust to the time schedule but without fail I was up of my own volition at 545am. I am not sure when that happened last. When my alarm went off at 6am I was already in the shower and had called the boy to say good morning. 🙂

After work today I decided to hit up one of those shops, LambShoppe. It is a very lovely shop, big, open with lots and lots of yarn. They also have great lighting and 4 tables to knit at along with 2 cozy chairs. This is a wonderful shop. The table I sat at ended up being the table where a sock knitting class was taught. I sat it in on their class (well sort of, I was knitting on my sweater and I already know how to knit socks) and met one of the store owners. If I lived in Denver I could definitely see making this shop my local yarn shop. Oh and did I mention their hours? 9am to 9pm Monday thru Thursday! How’s that for making sure the working class can get to your shop? 🙂

I managed to finish off the little ball of yarn I had on one front so now they are about 5″ long, just another 8″ to go! 😉 I also knit one more round on my socks but I forgot the pattern back in the hotel so I will have to knit the pattern round tomorrow, or tonight if I don’t fall asleep first. Oh and of course I bought some yarn. It’s pretty pretty and one of the skeins is uber bright. More pictures will come some day. 🙂 For now I think I shall finish checking e-mail and then either knit a bit or go to bed.

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