Birthday Race

Today is the boy’s dad’s birthday. He turns 60. (I don’t think it’s a secret 😉 ) We went over to their house for dinner. Yummy homemade lasagna, salad and some fancy strawberry dessert thing. It was all very delectable. The boy was beside himself with excitement because he knew they had struck gold on his dad’s birthday gift. He, his mom and brother pitched in and bought him a day at the local race track for an advanced performance course. His dad was very happy. 🙂

Then of course his parents’ proceeded to fill up the truck with more of his belongings. 🙂 At least we now have tablecloths for our housewarming party!

After dinner we stopped by my parents’ house to drop off the fan pulls I bought for my mom at Maryland Sheep and Wool. They are very pretty wooden pulls that were hand carved. She liked them and all is happy. She even picked out which fan in the house they will go on.

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