Twisted Stitches

It has come to my attention that I twist my stitches. Barb at knit night ever so kindly pointed it out to me (really she was kind about it). We have agreed that I will finish the back of this sweater and then cease and desist on anymore knitting/casting on until after next week’s knit night. She’s going to help me correct my twistedness. 🙂 I know some folks don’t think it’s necessary for me to adjust this but I am working toward my masters and I would really really like to not have any of my swatches sent back due to twisted stitches. I am quite certain I started doing this after I had set down the needles for a few months in between when my great aunt’s neighbor taught me to knit and when I started to find LYSes around Baltimore. I figure it’s early enough in the game to learn new tricks 😉

I am off to Maryland tom’w for the Ravelry Helper slumber party and Maryland Sheep and Wool! I should have lots of pretty yarn to show you when I get back!

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