The move went really well Saturday. By 7 pm the only people left at the house were the ones who were staying the night. The movers got all of our heavy heavy furniture into the right rooms and I had most of the kitchen unpacked. Most importantly we had the TV set up. I made some peanut butter cookies with our friend Andrew while the boy went and got Chinese for everyone with our friend Josh. The four of us spent the evening eating Chinese and cookies while watching Good Luck Chuck. The movie was amusing although I think I would have preferred the rated version. The boobs got a little old…

Sunday we went to his parents’ house to get his clothes (a novel idea…) and some of his other belongings. We also walked away with our new (to us) pots and pans from his grandmother. They are Guardian Service and were sold during the War (WWII). I am told they make amazing food, however I am willing to bet that most of the “amazingness” came from the chef. I can’t wait to try them out to see how they cook.

Sunday afternoon my sister called because she was bored and stuck at home so I picked her up and the three of us hung out and put together more of the basement. The basement has been dubbed “the man room” (by me) as it houses all the entertainment items as well as the bar. Of course since the TV is down there the yarn must go down there because I knit while we watch movies so it will also house some shelves of yarn. Late Sunday night as the boy was getting ready for bed it suddenly dawned on me that I should probably set up our internet and check e-mail to make sure I wasn’t s’pose to fly anywhere on Monday. After a little grumbling and resetting the modem, our internet was up and running and I did not have any plane tickets in my inbox. Hooray.

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