DC Knitting

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting up with my dear Ravelry chums: bunnysquirrel and Suzanne17 for knit night at The Celtic Knot Yarn Shop. We had great fun and remembered to actually take pictures to document this get together. Since every other time we forget to take pictures. Woops!

Here I am rocking it out on the shop’s sheep. 🙂 Yay sheep!


PS sitting on a wooden toy sheep for over an hour and a half will make your bum wicked sore.

The ninja needles are behind us in this photo. They like to say “Hiya! Hiya!”

So I was in a *really* good mood and was exceedingly silly.


We had a really good evening. I made some solid progress on the Alpaca Surprise. This was probably due to the fact that some of us were there rather late…let’s just say I got back to my hotel room at 2 am. Oh and I made a new chum! 🙂

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