On My Way…

There is reason for great celebration. Well at least there was last night because I completed my first swatch for the Master’s program. Hoorah (let there be great fanfare and much rejoicing)! I still need to block it, but first I want to read up on how to properly do that thing you do with the last stitch because I swear I have been doing it wrong. If anyone has any insight I am ready and willing to soak up knowledge. For my proof I give you two pictures. Enjoy!

seed stitch swatch 1

Scenic shot.

seed stitch swatch 2

Top down shot – I am hoping those couple teeny tiny holes disappear with blocking or I may need to do the swatch over…
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  1. Looks good!!!! I use the method for tidying up the last stitch that is in Vogue Knitting. Works pretty good!

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