Ch ch changes…

It appears that the boy is wanted and desired. He landed a new job and will be starting in two weeks. (The day after Sticks n Stitches) We are now on a grand adventure to find our first home. If I am MIA or don’t post about the Masters, don’t be sad. The knitting will still vie for attention amongst the rest of the projects at hand. I am super excited and going a little nuts. Be forewarned that long tangents and stream of conscience posts are in store. 🙂

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2 Responses to Ch ch changes…

  1. YAY!!!! What kind of job did he get and where are you moving to??? Fun, fun, fun!!!! You live in (Ohio?) right??

  2. littlewit says:

    He got a job as a New Model Start up Engineer, it should be pretty challenging and fun for him. We will be moving to Central Ohio from Western Ohio once we find a place to live.

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