Knit Night Thong!

As I was getting ready for Late Night Knit Night at Ewetopia on Friday I was going through my queue for something quick and easy to knit up when I happened upon one of thong patterns. I remembered the Twizzlers Thong didn’t take very long to knit up so I grabbed the yarn and went off to knit night. I was only able to finish the back at knit night but it sparked such grand conversation that I was glad I had taken it.

Sunday night I was knitting along on the front and the boy kept asking how much more I had to go. I finally did a quick size check and realized if I completed increasing the remaining 20 some odd stitches (about 25 more rows total) it was going to be larger than I prefer. So I finished the row and did the final 5 border rows.

All that was left at that point was 40″ of icord that was putting me to sleep. Fortunately on Monday I was able to attend both of my Knitting Guild’s meetings (to promote Sticks N Stitches) because of the MLK Holiday. I finished the icord during the 2nd session and shared it with the group. They had a good laugh and I was pleased to see it fit when I got home.

pics 009.jpg

pics 010.jpg

Description: Knit Night Thong
Pattern: Frecklegirl Thong by Carolynn Vincent
Yarn used: 20 grams of Dalegarn Stork Colorway 9 (100% Cotton) 50g / 195 yds
Care Instructions: Machine Wash
Needle Size: US 2 Clover Bamboo DPNs
Modifications: I stopped the increases when it was large enough for me.
Finished Size: Ladies Small
Date Started: 1/19/2008
Date Completed: 1/21/2008
Notes: This particular project garnered many chuckles at Knit Night and at the Knitting Guild meeting. The 40″ of icord made me understand why others loathe icord. Although it is a very good task for keeping your hands busy while listening to cool speakers. If you make this for yourself, be sure to check the final measurements against your own.

PS – Pete said he would not be caught dead modeling this but Cheer bear didn’t mind! 🙂

pics 011.jpg pics 012.jpg

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