It’s been a minute…

It appears that I have been absent.

Knit night at Temptations last Wednesday was pleasant. It’s a nice group and the shop is cozy. You should go if you live in the area.

My exciting news from last Thursday was that I finally got the official flier from the Columbus Blue Jackets. Hooray! I have updated the info on the Sticks N Stitches page of my site. If you would like a copy of the official flier and order form post a message here or use my contact page and I will e-mail them to you. I am really hoping we can get a large group! Also, I have word that they are trying to start some Sticks N Stitches in other cities. The marvels of Ravelry and condensing crafters into one area.

Monday night we had our North Side Knit Night at Panera again. There were 5 of us and it was great to sit back and chat with fellow Ravelers while we knitted. Roll call for the blogs are as follows: Dharmawrites, DaintyKitty, MysticSpiral and Mel. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again next week!

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