Columbus Yarn Crawl


Saturday morning I drove into Columbus so that I could begin my Columbus Yarn Crawl to promote Sticks ‘N Stitches to the Local Yarn Shop Owners (LYSOs). My mother agreed to go along for the ride so I swung by her house to pick her up. (and by swung by I mean stopped, hung out and then left) We started at Temptations in Dublin, OH. We were able to speak to Karen the shop owner and she agreed to help promote the event as well donate what she can to the goody bags. We also ran into Martha from Ravelry and her mother who happens to live in the same town I do. Small world, eh? We chatted for a bit about all the places we had in common. People recognizing me when we go out is still a trifle weird to me but still very cool!

Next we ventured to The Yarn Shop in the Kenny Center shopping plaza. I dropped off one of my impromptu fliers and bought some handpaintd yarn…even though I have sworn it off. What’s wrong with me? (The yarn was the perfect colorway for a gift for a perfect someone…that’s what’s wrong with me)

Our next stop would have been Knitter’s Mercantile but apparently there is some college football team in Columbus that everyone loves to watch play. Traffic was a mess AND they were paving the entrance to the shopping center so we couldn’t even pull in. Why would Columbus pave a major artery leading toward the game on Homecoming weekend? Why?

Our next mission was to avoid as much game day traffic as possible (4 hrs before the game and it was already an issue…tailgaters!) So we headed over to Knitty Bitty in Grove City. They are located inside Always in Stitches Quilt shop. It’s a gorgeous Quilt shop in a quaint little part of Grove City and the owner of Knitty Bitty is super sweet and helpful. She said she would be glad to help promote the event to her customers.

We tried to get to my brother’s soccer game but due to a pile up on I70 and a low fuel light we wandered toward home still avoiding the game day traffic. Our wandering actually led us close to Heavenly Creations so we managed to get there while still avoiding game day traffic. Hooray! It’s a lovely little shop in Grandview right by where I used to work. The bonus was they had already heard about the event from an excited Raveler at knit night the night before! (Thank you, Stanzi!) They had some Daisy needles on clearance so I picked them up to be my new teaching needles so I don’t have to cry if they wander away.


I was invited to attended knit night at the Knitter’s Mercantile in Graceland Shopping Plaza (or whatever it’s called now) and wow! This shopping centre has exploded since I left for college. I miss you Burlington Coat Factory and beloved Taco Bell. When I got there I was immediately spotted by Stanzi from Ravelry who had invited me to come. I met some really nice ladies (and a couple of Ravelers!). If I ever move back to Columbus I could see hanging with this crowd more 🙂

The shop personnel (owner included) were very pro Sticks N Stitches. They have agreed to send an announcement about it in their newsletter and to their mailing list which has a circulation of 2000 people! They have also volunteered to be of assistance in any way I may need them. Stanzi has even volunteered to help me put together the goody bags! Hooray! I am getting more excited by this event as each day passes. It’s wonderful how everyone offers to help!


Purlthis of Ravelry invited me to The Yarn Shop‘s Pickerington location for knit night. The shop has just moved so they are waiting for their sign to be moved over three stores and they are currently under a Cord Camera sign. It’s a nice store and the owner Joyce had my makeshift flier from the other store on hand. She has also agreed to help out where she can and says she even has a lady who pieces together the Warm Up America blocks for her. Now I have to decide how we are going to handle that. I may wait for guidance from Interweave or Warm Up America on that one. 🙂

Last night when I logged into Ravelry I had received a message from the owner of The Needling Yarn in Granville, OH. She is also excited about the event and has asked me to e-mail her a flier to post. I am just floored by all the enthusiastic response I have been getting! 🙂

Oh and of all things I managed to win 4 tickets to this Saturday’s Blue Jackets game! I will take my knitting with me to do a trial run 🙂


One more knit night to go. Tonight at Temptations. I plan to arrive around 7pm. Hope to see you there!

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